Immune Guard


Immune Guard is the perfect immune and wellness tonic for modern living which can leave many of us in a depleted and unbalanced state.

Ideal for people who are rundown and prone to getting sick often, Immune Guard helps guard against depletion and restore the body’s natural immune defences and resilience.

BEE MAGIC | New Zealand Propolis

Natures powerful protector, Propolis is made by bees to safeguard their hive. It has the same protective effects for human health with powerful immune support and antioxidant properties.

New Zealand Propolis is renowned for its high quality and powerful activity. Our Propolis is a premium concentrated extract for superior purity and potency.


Used for over 2000 years in Japan and China where it is held in highest regard as a nourishing tonic to enhance longevity and restore vitality.

Reishi acts as a restorative tonic to maintain defences and aid resilience during times of stress. It has a balancing effect on the immune system, boosting low immune function and regulating overactive responses.

Reishi also supports overall wellness through liver protection and antioxidant activity – crucial aspects of immune health, vitality and healthy aging.

• Reishi fruiting body extract as traditionally used
• Guaranteed 40% polysaccharides (immune modulating actives)
• Water and alcohol extraction ensures full spectrum of actives


Zinc is an essential mineral for healthy immune function. Signs of zinc deficiency include depressed immune response, slow recovery and poor healing. Zinc Citrate is a well absorbed form of zinc to help prevent deficiency.

Additional information

Additional information


60 capsules


Adults and children over 10 take 1-2 daily with food


Propolis may cause allergic reactions, avoid use if allergic to bee products and discontinue use if irritation or swelling of the mouth or throat occur. Caution with antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications eg aspirin, warfarin, or bleeding disorders.


Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Yeast, Sugar

Suitable for vegetarians

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

• Premium New Zealand Propolis
• Based on research and traditional use
• Made in New Zealand

• Build immune resistance
• Strengthen resilience when under stress
• Support healthy immune function
• Improve vitality for those in a depleted or rundown state

• Immune and wellness tonic
• Boosts resistance & resilience
• Can be taken long term

Active Ingredients per Capsule

Active Ingredients per Capsule

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