Industry Leader

Manuka Health is the first company in the world to establish a precise, robust, scientific certification system for New Zealand Manuka honey based on the concentration of the naturally occurring compound, methylglyoxal. This certification system is the result of research carried out at the Institute of Food Chemistry at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany led by Professor Thomas Henle. Professor Henle and his team were the first to document that methylglyoxal contributes to the unique characteristics of Manuka honey (which sets it apart from other honeys). Prior to this discovery, the term ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ was used to denote the special activity unique to Manuka honey. This research now provides a clearer measurement for a key compound in Manuka honey, and methylglyoxal testing has become a recognized standard for laboratories and producers of Manuka honey.

Quality Assurance From Source to Shelf

We develop, manufacture and market our products to ensure we remain in control of quality every step of the way.

Our comprehensive system provides traceability from beehive to shelf. All of the raw materials we use in our products must meet our rigorous standards of quality and safety to ensure the levels of bioactive compounds are maintained.

Every batch of MGO™ Manuka Honey and BIO New Zealand Propolis™ is tested in our ISO 17025 certified in-house laboratory from raw material to finished product to monitor and guarantee the levels of bioactives.

Manuka Health manufactures under the following certifications:


RMP Risk Management Program

British Retail Consortium

Quality ISO 9001

HALAL Certified Manuka Honey

Kiwi Kosher Certified Manuka Honey

ISO 17025 IANZ Accredited Laboratory