Bee Pollen Granules


Manuka Health’s Bee Pollen is nature’s richest and most complete source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and enzymes. It is also abundant with minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, has high iron and zinc levels and very high levels of folic acid.

Bee Pollen has significant antioxidant effects and high levels of vitamins A, C and E.

Research in France and Germany has shown that Bee Pollen displays an antibiotic activity which can help slow the effects of aging and lessen darkening, wrinkles and blemishes on skin. It has been shown to increase physical and mental abilities, particularly concentration and memory, and can reactivate a sluggish metabolism.

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Direction for Use

Direction for Use

Take 1-2 teaspoons of granules with cereal, in a drink, or by the spoonful with water.

Quantities of up to 50g daily can be taken to improve stamina and athletic performance.



Bee pollen may prevent nutrient deficiency and can support return to health more quickly following illness.

As a natural source of sustained energy, Bee Pollen has been shown to:

  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Control hay fever symptoms
  • Maintain prostate health